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We are a gastronomic partner of the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theater. They say an artist must be hungry. We have taken on the responsibility to make sure that no one goes hungry. During the day we offer restaurant-quality home-cooked meals to theater employees, and in the evening we wait for everyone to touch the culinary arts at intermission. Theater begins with a hanger, and continues in the buffet, whose conservative format we've rethought. No more stale sandwiches on a Soviet-era counter made of particleboard, which is no less Soviet. We made the buffet part of the cultural philosophy, a compliment to the play, if you will. Several kinds of bruschetta with exquisite fillings, designer desserts, aromatic coffee beans, and soft drinks.

Come to the theater, dear friends, for spiritual food and not only!)

Foodpark is a gastronomic space of a new generation. Located on the territory of a unique aqua complex in Novokuibyshevsk, Foodpark offers several exciting concepts, national cuisines and author's menus, where everyone will find what they nee.

For those who love to eat, watch out for their health, travel and compare.

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"Sushiport" is a federal chain of stores and cafes offering the consumer high-quality Japanese and Chinese dishes at affordable prices. Stores and cafes are made in the style of a seaport, where everyone can "dock" and have a snack at the bar table in a pleasant atmosphere. Or place an order to go.

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Lagman is a popular national dish, which is mistakenly considered only a soup. It is both the first and the second dish! Lagman can be cooked with more broth or with minimal broth, so called "dry lagman" by Uigurs. The distinctive feature is that this dish is cooked mainly from lamb, vegetables and elongated noodles, homemade. It is a delicious dish, which with its combination gives just a stunning fireworks of flavor..

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Вкусный остров - это гастрономическое пространство нового поколения. Расположенный на территории аквакомплекса «Самарские термы», «Вкусный остров» предлагает несколько захватывающих концепций, национальных кухонь и авторских меню, где каждый найдет то, что ему нужно.

Для тех, кто любит поесть, следит за своим здоровьем, путешествует и сравнивает.

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